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AcuC  is a professional self-regulatory council in the UK, providing a register of highly qualified practitioners of
1) Traditional acupuncture
2) Acupressure (massage of acupuncture points)
3) Other therapies based on acutherapy

All have excellent training in both theory and practice. Member practitioners are insured and maintain excellent codes of professional practice - you can expect high quality, safe and effective treatment:

  • adjustment and balance of your body's energy flow to restore  good health
  • reduction of your physical, mental or emotional pain
  • accelerates the healing of sports injuries and all musculo-skeletal pain
What Acupuncture does for you

Relief for tired, aching backs.

Find ease for more than a few days.

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Tuina Massage doesn't involve needles

Not keen on needles? Tuina is massage using the exact same theory as acupuncture

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Long term relief for old age discomforts

Back to the days when you could get comfortable, no matter how you chose to sit

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